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Your adventure starts here with tastefully appointed Timber Trail Accommodation. This modernised house offers you ‘a touch of class in the country’ and has four flexible room options available. It’s conveniently placed near the beginning of the trail. The Timber Trail Bike Bach also boasts of an award-winning mural that backdrops the BBQ area, it depicts the Timber Trail cycleway nestled in Pureora forest.

This studio contains one elegant queen room, and one twin room. Book one for full privacy or both to share with one or two other persons. 

A flexible open plan self contained unit, ideal for 3 - 4

Combining the queen, twin and family unit give you the flexibility to accommodate a group of 8 people.


Combine the Whole of House/Family Room and Sleep-Out to facilitate larger groups (max 13).

Whole of House Option

Combining the queen, twin and family rooms gives you the flexibility to accommodate a group of 8 people (maximum 10).


Our location

Timber Trail Bike Bach is perfectly positioned, only a 15 minute drive from the start of the Timber Trail, this accommodation is found in the heart of Benneydale, near the local cafe

Timber Trail Bike Bach Address:

20 Ellis Road, SH30, Benneydale 


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If you have any further questions regarding the Timber Trail Bike Bach accommodation, feel free to contact us. For any questions regarding the Timber Trail, take a look at our Additional Info and FAQ's page.


"This bach in Benneydale has everything one could with for, it is cosy, comfortable and very tastefully decorated. It is close to the beautiful Timber Trail, which I can highly recommend to walk or bike. The owners are very friendly and helpful."

Resene Mural Winner 2017

Our Timber Trail mural won 1st place in the Resene ‘Best Professional Mural’ section in 2017.

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